Canon FTb QL – Ilford film, ISO 400.

These first two photos were taken at Londrina’s Beauty Fest. These two are models. Lots of people were taking photos with them.  And they were also accepting directions from photographers (like me ;-)) to take their portraits.


As primeiras duas fotos foram tiradas no Londrina Beauty Fest.  Esses dois são modelos. Muitas pessoas estavam tirando fotos com eles. E eles também estavam aceitando direções de fotógrafos (tipo eu ;-)) para tirar seus retratos.

This photo bellow, was the very first portrait I took with the Ilford film and the 50mm lens. (So far, only one roll has been used). There’s an interesting story behind it and I’ll share with you another time. 🙂


Essa foto abaixo, foi a primeiríssima foto que tirei com o filme Ilford e com a lente 50mm. (Até agora só um rolo foi usado). Tem uma história interessante sobre essa foto, e vou contar outra hora. 🙂

Tom Mix

Black Nose

These last two photos are Hadouken’s puppies, that my mother decided to keep. They were the very last two photos of the roll. I really like the ghostly feel to them. I think I have fallen in love with the black and white film!! ;D

The other poses were taken at my Uncle’s graduation party. I’ll show them another day! 😉


Essas duas últimas fotos são dos filhotes da Hadouken, que minha mãe decidiu ficar.  Foram as duas últimas fotos do rolo. Eu amei a sensação meio fantasmagórica neles. Acho que apaixonei no filme preto e branco! ;D

As outras fotos foram tiradas na formatura do meu tio. Eu vou mostrar aqui outro dia 🙂

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5 Responses to Canon FTb QL – Ilford film, ISO 400.

  1. Jose Ramon Avina says:

    Are very well taken!


  2. Steve says:

    The shallow d-o-f is very effective, and digital B/W can’t create the wide tonal range of film. I’m pleased you’re happy with the film, now that you can get it processed, haha!!
    …Super shots dear Anna..

  3. Jarren says:

    wow stunning photos!! all of them capture the attention. If I could get my photo taken of that quality just once I don’t think it would ever leave my Facebook profile picture I would be so proud of it. 2nd to last picture of Hadouken’s puppy is my favorite 🙂

  4. Phil Splawn says:

    what lovely young puppies you welcome to your family my dear, they are such loves indeed!!

  5. Felice says:

    Belas fotos e bonito blog !

    Parabêns Annuska !

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