Easy Mornings of an Autumn Romance (a sensual photoshoot)

A few weeks ago I photographed the beautiful Kamylla Garbuio on a sensual / boudoir photoshoot. This style has been in vogue for a while now, it’s fun and a nice thing to boost a woman’s confidence and self-steem. We had very little time to take these photos, two hours exactly – because it was raining heavily, Kamylla had to wait inside the car for a long time (so she wouldn’t get her hair wet) and we also soon ran out of light. But we got some really nice photos, which I share with you now 🙂


Algumas semanas atrás eu fotografei a bela Kamylla Garbuio em um ensaio sensual/boudoir. Esse estilo de foto está em voga há já algum tempo, e é algo bem divertido e legal para dar uma levantada na confiança e auto-estima de uma mulher. Nós tivemos bem pouco tempo para fazer essas fotos, duas horas extamente – porque estava chovendo muito forte, a Kamylla ficou esperando um tempão no carro para não estragar o cabelo e por causa da chuva ficamos sem luz bem rápido. Mas nós fizemos algumas fotos bem legais, que compartilho com vocês agora 🙂

This photo bellow is part of a series I’m creating. It’s called “The Praying Beauties”. I’ve shot a photo like this in every sensual photoshoot I’ve done and I’m thinking of making an exposition or maybe even a book with that title. To me, it’s interesting to watch the different expressions each client makes while  doing this portrait, but I imagine that for most people it probably will have another kind of appeal 😛


Essa foto abaixo é parte de uma série que estou criando. Chama-se “The Praying Beauties”. Eu fiz uma foto das minhas clientes nessa pose em todo ensaio sensual que fiz e estou pensando em fazer uma exposição ou talvez um livro mesmo com esse título. Para mim, o interessante é ver as diferentes expressões que cada cliente faz enquanto estamos fazendo esse retrato, mas imagino que para maior parte das pessoas, essa foto terá outro tipo de apelo 😛

Model: Kamylla Garbuio

Make up: Cinthia Lemos

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32 Responses to Easy Mornings of an Autumn Romance (a sensual photoshoot)

  1. joshi daniel says:

    sexy and beautiful images!

  2. This is very sensual and sexy photos in a well-balanced and beautiful way. Well made!

  3. DaAsFlickered says:

    beautiful series AnnA!!
    sensuality and delicacy..
    fantastic work!! 🙂

  4. hbozzone says:

    Simply stunning images. Inspired!

  5. Ken says:

    They’re all delightful images, Anna – she is a lovely girl and you have caught not only her beauty but also something of her personality, mainly through those ‘speaking looks’ from her eyes. The ‘prayer’ idea is a good one – I look forward to seeing a set of those one day.
    Most female photographers shy away from glamour work, but in my view they’re often better at it than men – you certainly are!

    • Thanks, Ken!
      I actually got a lot of hypocrite comments about these photos, like: “no need to show her boobs”, “only men are commenting on your photos” yadda yadda yadda

      I was upset with their comments… I didn’t expect such hipocrisy coming from such people. There are more guys commenting on my photos always, be it a landscape, flower or glamour

      there are all kinds of photos to be done, I need money and I shoot what clients want me to shoot. I am a photographer and I will share the artist work I make, because new clients need/want to see my work…
      There are people who NEED to make sensual photos to give themselves a boost in confidence and self-steem.

      what there is no need of is hypocrisy, nor anyone telling me how I should take photos.

  6. Sam says:

    Stunning photos! You’ll boost tourism to Brazil, that’s for sure, and that’s really saying something. The tones and colours are really subtle and beautiful, almost like in baroque paintings. She is a great beauty too. Personally I think that there’s more of a mystery when women photograph women, it enhances the romantic mystique of women, whereas when men photograph women there’s almost always a certain sense the subject is being objectified, or is fencing with the photographer, whereas she can bare her soul to another woman if they share the artistic vision.

    • I should take more landscape photos to attract the kind of tourists I’d like to see visiting my country 😛
      There are beautiful women everywhere, I think there are countries where some people are more comfortable with the sensuality that is natural to most people…
      Yes, I’ve seen some glamour photoshoots taken by men… they usually photograph a woman the way men want to see a woman, not the way a woman wants to see herself… maybe that’s where lies the problem…

  7. Wow !! Awesome pics !! skin tone is captured excellently. Overall 10/10…

  8. bbnick says:

    A lovely series of a very beautiful woman
    perfectly captured,

  9. Kent says:

    I just wanted you to know your work inspires me to become a better photographer. I love the way you shoot people and do portraits. For me, it’s a hobby that I wish I could do more of. Your so lucky be doing it professionaly. Thank you for the motivation.

  10. tatiana says:

    Gostei, parabens 😉

  11. Thanks, everyone! 😉
    Valeu, Tati-san!

  12. David J Jones says:

    Your photos of Kamylla are absolutely amazing. She is an incredibly beautiful model and your photos accentuate every detail of her beauty and her sensuality. Of these photos, I’d have to mark them all as favorite. Your art is just that good and she is truely an amazing model. Thanks for your great work.

  13. Doug Bauman says:

    fantastic set!

  14. Doug Bauman says:

    Kamylla’s eyes are beautiful – and the photos really show them off

  15. naporsocapo says:

    absolutely sensual…great, the model is very beautiful,
    the last shot is great the just balance between light and shadows and nudity and cover body….great you are the best photographer;)
    hi Napo

  16. S.P.Jamal says:

    Very nice well done

  17. gelupeculiar says:

    Kamilla for sure are a lovely model with the gentle sensuality but you Annuska doing so good photos 🙂 You catch the unique moment *carpe diem* in your photos !Congratulated for your team work !!!

  18. gelupeculiar says:

    Sorry Kamylla is correct name :*

  19. Hello Anna!
    Thank you so much for this beautiful post!
    I saw it and was so admired that decided to react with comment 🙂
    Well, Kamylla Garbuio is a beauty and I found out about her thanks to you! Thank you for that.
    But I would like to concentrate on this post value: the photos are very lovely and full of Art. You are right: this is a very sensual photoshoot. I like your photography art very much! You are very talented.


  20. I shared this beautiful post also on my Facebook page!


  21. petit4chocolatier says:

    Very elegantly done photos! Every woman should experience this! Most definitely a boost in your confidence about your body and self!

  22. professional and lovely

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