Larissa Zanon – Skol Sensation

Last week, the festival Skol Sensation was taking place in São Paulo. A huge event, lots of brazilian celebrities, music, parties, lights… and my friend Larissa Zanon was the only journalist in the State of Paraná to be invited to cover it. She was most happy about it and a few photos had to be made to divulge the word…

We chose the Kingdom 2800 nightclub as location for the photos and spent a little time having fun and shooting.


Semana passada aconteceu o festival Skol Sensation, em São Paulo. Um evento gigantesco, com muitas celebridades, música, festa, luzes… e minha amiga Larissa Zanon foi a única jornalista no Estado do Paraná  convidada a cobrir o evento. Ela, claro, ficou muito feliz com o convite e algumas fotos tiveram que ser feitas para divulgar o fato…

Nós escolhemos a Kingdom 2800 como locação para as fotos e passamos umas horinhas nos divertindo e fotografando.

Model: Larissa Zanon

Wardrobe: Biboca

Assistant: Stefanie Zanon

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14 Responses to Larissa Zanon – Skol Sensation

  1. Fauve says:

    Still great your portraits! Just gorgeous!

  2. Ken says:

    A great set of pictures, AnnA – lovely model and exciting background. It must have been quite a difficult shoot from the lighting point of view!

  3. Sam says:

    This whole series of shots is fantastic and she is a stunning woman. None of our journalists look this good…

  4. Keith says:

    Well feminism is now firmly established here and with equal rights legislation and even now anti-ageism, so older and ordinary looking females can work in the media on TV, etc. This definitely a sensational series with such amazing clothes to suit the surroundings and great use of available light. Once again, top class work Anna.

    • In Larissa’s case, she’s not only a darling and gorgeous, she’s extremely competent and professional. But I’ve seen some not so gorgeous journalists set aside because of age and looks… and it was such a loss, because they were exceedingly intelligent and sharp.

      Not long ago, a beautiful journalist became anchor of the biggest tv news in Brazil… she’s married to a powerful older man and she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, nor that good a journalist… but when I come to think of it, there are many like her and far less smart too.

  5. Peter Zubor says:

    Amazing colors!!! Amazing play with the lights!!!!!!! Wonderful pictures!!!!!!!
    You’re the Best, Anna!! 😉
    …and Your friend, Larissa is beautiful!!!! 🙂

  6. Any says:

    Loved the series, AnnA, most of all the last one, which is truly glamorous.

  7. Nawfal says:

    Congratulations Anna – You did a very fine job on these photos. Indoor lighting, especially bar / nightclub lighting is very dim, and additional sources are usually needed. You did a really good job boosting the light on your subject, and Larissa is a very gorgeous subject. She seems like a natural at posing – and it is usually better to have a model who knows how to look good and move for the camera. It must have been a fun and challenging shoot. 🙂

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