One afternoon, we got some cute and talented kids, and set out to do an editorial for Guia JeansWear – – I was really impressed with their general behavior. All were very much into doing the photos, were respectful and followed directions better than many older ones I had worked with. The resulting photos are very pleasing too, so that was a very satisfactory job 🙂


Uma tarde, pegamos alguns adolescentes lindos e talentosos e saímos para fazer um editorial para o Guia Jeans Wear – – Eu fiquei realmente impressionada com o comportamento deles. Estavam todos muito afim de fazer as fotos, eram educados e respeitosos e seguiram direções melhor do que alguns modelos mais velhos com quem já trabalhei. As fotos resultantes ficaram muito legais também, então foi um trabalho muito satisfatório de se fazer 🙂


Superkind-03 Superkind-04 Superkind-05 Superkind-07 Superkind-08 Superkind-09 Superkind-10 Superkind-11

I really liked the styling 😉


eu gostei bastante do styling 😉

Superkind-12 Superkind-13 Superkind-14 Superkind-15 Superkind-16 Superkind-17 Superkind-18 Superkind-19 Superkind-20 Superkind-21 Superkind-23 Superkind-24 Superkind-25We had lots of fun doing these photos, in the end, they were just playing around and I snapped a them having fun…



Marcio is very commited when he’s working, he’s fun, but he keeps it professional too.


O Márcio é muito comprometido quando ele está trabalhando, ele é divertido, mas ele mantêm o profissionalismo também.

anna ze graça 03

These two photos of me were taken by André Luiz 😉

anna ze graça

The whole team 😉


A equipe toda 😉


Photography & edition: Anna Theodora

Styling: Marcio Falcão

Beauty & grooming: Carlos Secati

Models: Laura Barquete Guerchmann, Livia Barquete Guerchmann, Victoria Claro, Lucas Moura

Assistant: André Luiz

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15 Responses to SuperKind

  1. Dear Ann,
    What an amazing post with stunning photos. AS ALWAYS!!!! Can I ask you something? What is the name of the very beautiful model with Indian (Injun) hat? I think I’ll post her photos (of course – with the link to your post and with mentioning you as the author) in my blog.

    I just want to know which of them she is: “Laura Barquete Guerchmann, Livia Barquete Guerchmann, Victoria Claro” to mention her name correctly.

    Thanks in advance! I am a BIG fan of your photography art and you know that! 🙂


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  3. Thank you my dear! I always admire your boundless talent and I am a big fan of your art! Your works are amazing!


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  5. Dear Anna, I wrote the article. Please visit:

    Please show or share this article also with Laura Barquete Guerchmann for her to see and to know about this article.
    I hope both of you will like it 🙂 I sincerely hope that you will like this article.


  6. Didn’t you like the article? 😦 I see no feedback 😦 Is there something wrong?:(

  7. Daniele says:

    Hello Anna!
    Did you use flash in general for your shootings?
    Best regards,
    keep up with your great work! 🙂

  8. Anghie says:

    Great !!!!

  9. No Fernandes says:

    Hey Ana, i loved you work and these photos are great !!!!
    Where’s this place? Is in the Rio?

    Thanks and congratulations!

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