The sensual “Boudoir” style in photography, with the Model Camila Rogel

I have already mentioned it on flickr and on facebook, but so that it is registered here on the blog too, this was a photoshoot for a tv show, a reportage about the sensual “Boudoir” style in photography. But also, since it was for a day show, it couldn’t be tooooo sexy, it had to be toned down a bit, also the owners of the location didn’t want anything scantly clothed either. But it was fun fun fun and the photos are some of my favorites so far. 🙂


Eu já mencionei isso no flickr e no facebook, mas só para registrar aqui no blog também, esse foi um ensaio filmado para o programa “Ver Mais” da  Larissa Zanon, na RIC Tv, em uma reportagem sobre o estilo de fotografia sensual “Boudoir”. Mas também, como é um show vespertino, não podia ser muuuito sexy, tivemos que dar uma maneirada, e nada de roupa muito reveladora também. De qualquer forma, foi suuuper divertido e as fotos são umas das minhas favoritas até o momento. 🙂

I would like to thank all the people envolved in the making of this beautiful photoshoot ~~~~~Eu gostaria de agradecer a todos envolvidos na realização deste lindo ensaio:

Model: Camila Rogel

Make up: Lílian Morita

Photography & edition: Anna Theodora

Wardrobe: Aimé

Tv Show: Ver Mais, com Larissa Zanon

Location: Empório Mineiro

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12 Responses to The sensual “Boudoir” style in photography, with the Model Camila Rogel

  1. Patrick Emerson says:


    Wonderful work, AnnA. Wish I could see the video!

  2. Ken Timbers says:

    Hi AnnA,
    Great series, AnnA – she’s a lovely model and poses very well, but it’s clear that the photographer is very special, too! 🙂
    Ken xox

  3. Sam says:

    Lovely work, Anna! This is a fascinating and exceptional series, brimful of atmosphere. Her eye colour and hair colour (not to mention skin type!) are very common over here in Ireland. She could easily be an Irish girl.

  4. Kirk says:

    She is very beautiful and you have photographed her with great style. It is too bad that you did not post the video, I was hoping to see you move and talk.

  5. naporsocapo says:

    the last one shot is fantastic, the colour of the eyes the freckless…I’m falling in love 😀 😀 😀 😀 fantastic set….of course

  6. Keith says:

    The photography is great as always, making good use of the available light and variety of locations. I just think it can be easy to overdo the eye liniing with such a pale skin. You generally kept to high key and she has maintained a softer look suitable for a boudoir series. Her full body shots are great as to be epected with a pro, but the last high key closeup has the greatest impact for me…a truely great picture of her face.

  7. Lilian Morita says:

    Anna,essa ultima foto da Camila Rogel,com o chapéu é a minha favorita!Ficou perfeita!!!!!

  8. Ilva Araujo says:

    Great, great shots. The series is amazing. Congratulations!

  9. Rui Tsuto says:

    Ambientação maravilhosa e elegantíssima. Um trabalho impecável, cheio de luz e talento, parabéns!

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